Artist's statement

Painter Paul Cézanne once said: “No one can replace the past. One can only add a new link to what has already existed.”

My photos are witnesses of the past as they reveal still instants of a nature in constant motion. But they also aim at showing what has yet to be seen. I love to show landscapes, under magic of the light that I seek with a passion. I love framings that lead to point of abstraction, fleeting moments when light becomes unreal, and then arise emotions through a composition filled with symbol and magic.

Furthermore, as Carl Gustav Jung pointed out, the liberation, emanating from reaching the unity of one being cannot be attained only through conscious will. Unable to understand a conscious language, the unconscious part of humans can respond to symbols, which act magically as they relate to its analogical and primitive side. In a flash, photographs can act as such symbols. They can raise our consciousness by moving us. And our emotions can make us aware of ourselves and of the implications of our actions on the world that surrounds us.

Photographs “write out” landscapes, revealing our past and present, our emotions and fears, letting the essence of things unfold. I spend a lot of time without going near my camera, looking, exploring my subject. I wait until the space feels fully mine; until I feel myself at one with it. In this nature untouched by man I feel I am the privileged witness of earth origin. Then I try with my camera to capture its essence.

I am haunted by Light and I seek almost obsessively those fleeting, magical moments in order to show reality elevated to the sublime. It is just like an initiatory journey, a spiritual quest in search of Light. When I capture divine and infinite beauty of nature I can measure my own finiteness. And in this moment of serene immensity, silently stands the presence of the sacred.