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Patrick Desgraupes - Parcs Nationaux en France

Parcs Nationaux en France

Hardcover - 212 pages.
Publisher: "Aubanel"
ISBN-13: 978-2700606720

French National Parks celebrate half a century of existence! On this occasion, Aubanel publishes a first hardcover book together with the National Parks! Strong of having roamed the ten French Parks, Patrick Desgraupes delivers yet again some breathtaking photographs. Astonished by what he saw on his numerous trips, he shares with us visions of lush flora and fauna, open vistas, majestic lakes and, last but no least, of a people caring for their natural environment.

This book, lavishly illustrated and accompanied by the writing of Michel Fonovich, outlines the natural and cultural riches as well as the diversity of this natural heritage. A smaller section proposes detailed information on each park as well as interviews of some of the 'locals': Ecrins, Cévennes, Vanoise, Port-Cros, Calanques, Pyrénées, Mercantour, Guadeloupe, Réunion and Guyana National Parks unlock all their secrets for the benefit of a growing audience!

First and foremost, this is a book at the heart of our ecological and natural preservation challenges.

Presentation of Patrick's new book "Les Parcs nationaux en France" (in French)! - Dailymotion

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Patrick Desgraupes - France

La France - Paysages Insolites

Hardcover - 212 pages.
Publisher: "Hermé"
ISBN-13: 978-2866654542

One would expect unusual landscapes from an unusual photographer. Patrick Desgraupes relentlessly roams the French countryside, always bringing along his beloved view camera, sometimes waiting hours or even months for that perfect opportunity to capture with unrivaled quality a landscape most of us would simply fail to see.

Beaches in Britanny sprinkled with rocks and pebbles, mysterious woods bathed in a soft subdued light, sleepy rivers where time seems to stand still, rolling hills as far as the eye can see, dunes, fields, lakes, plains, valleys, marches, calanques... France is a country of light and natural wonders, a formidable example of ecological diversity, many treasures often neglected or overlooked.

Long inspired by the work of nature painters, the photographer sets his camera in the landscape, all year round, seeking little known locations, capturing an essence and a magic surrounding this instant off the beaten track. No true nature lover could resist re-discovering France in the unusual way our photographer has endeavoured to show throughout this book.

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Patrick Desgraupes - Iceland
Islande - Le Sublime et l'Imaginaire - FranceIsland - Fotografien von Patrick Desraupes- GermanyIslanda - El Sublime e l'Immaginario - Italy


Hardcover - 179 pages.
Publisher: "Harry N.Abrahams"
ISBN-13: 978-0810959484

An astonishing land of fire and ice, where active volcanoes, hot springs, and lava floes stand beside thundering waterfalls, glaciers, and ice fields in deserted, rocky landscapes, Iceland is home to some of the most dramatic scenery in the world. In this breathtaking volume, photographer Patrick Desgraupes has captured, in 175 original photos taken especially for this book, Iceland's drama and mystery as no other photographer before him ever has.

From the sweeping expanses of the island's ocean reaches punctuated by twisted pillars of volcanic rock to sublime panoramas of mountain peaks in the blaze of northern sunsets, the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland's interior spring to life in this remarkable book. The Icelandic essayist Einar Mar Jonsson has written a poetic appreciation of his homeland; and science writer Guillaume Cannat has provided a naturalist's description of the titanic forces that have shaped Iceland through geological time.

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Patrick Desgraupes - Iceland

Iceland - 2008

Publisher: "Knesebeck" (Germany)
ISBN-13: 978-3896604408

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