National Parks

The official photographer to the French National Parks

In july 2007, Patrick was appointed national photographer to the French National Park, on behalf of the French Office for "Parcs Nationaux de France". A prestigious appointment embarking him on a two year long adventure to photograph the most various landscapes found across the splendid French National Parks. This led to the first of a string of exhibitions in Lubjiana, Slovenia (July 2008) to mark the French European Presidency. An exhibition followed in Guadeloupe (November 2008) with a 'Rencontre des Parcs Nationaux".

In 2009, the following exhibitions took place:

  • From February to March in Val d’Isère during the winter sports world championship.
  • From May to July in Montpellier for the inauguration of the French National Park's headoffice in the Amazonian greenhouse.
  • In November in Montier en Der for the International Animal and Nature Photography Festival.

Patrick's new book « Les Parcs nationaux en France » was published by Aubanel in October 2009

Upcoming in 2010 (provisional dates)

  • From 20th January (round about the end February), at the MEEDDM (Ministère de l’Ecologie, de l’Energie, du Développement durable, et de la Mer).
  • Mid March to early April, at the GMF office in Levallois-Perret.
  • May-June at the Conseil Général des Alpes Maritimes in Nice.
  • October at the Cévennes National Park headoffice, during the 'rencontres bi annuelles des parcs nationaux'.
  • At year end (November or December) in Marseille for the launch of the 10th National Park, the Parc national des Calanques.

The exhibitions

Communiqué de presse (in French)
Catalogue de l'exposition (in French)

A two year long adventure!

Limited Edition prints gallery

Two years of intense travel trekking through the French national parks with a view camera was a real challenge! Patrick often had to travel in difficult, if not extreme conditions. This adventure would not have been possible hadn't the parks rangers helped carry no less than 18 kilos worth of kit, be it by foot, snow racket, boat or even pirogue!

Precious few seconds spent releasing the shutter could hardly echo several seasons to wait, days to scout around and countless hours spent discovering this beautiful landscape.

Images paced by the regular thud of snow rackets wading through fresh snow, the sound of breathing only echoed at times by the silence of nature, by the unstoppable screaming of parrots and howlers, by the songs of waterfalls, the rowing of pirogues or the squawking of seagulls in the first light at dawn.

Sealed by the powerful smells of spanish brooms in spring, mud in the mangrove, sulfur in the lava flowing from Grand Brulé, or the frying of fish on the banks of river Maroni.

Smothered by the dampness of fumaroles over La Soufrière, by the ear-biting cold of a fresh winter start, somewhere along one of many majestuous alpine peaks.

A two year long epic journey soon to be illustrated by Patrick's next book to celebrate the French National Parks. Meanwhile some of the images are offered exclusively on this site, via a slideshow or the print gallery

Sharing some of the highlights